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Company History
Sunsky Property Consultant Limited established in Hong Kong since 1996. As an estate agent authority, our goal is to continuously improve the quality of the real estate industry in Hong Kong. In order to accomplish this goal, we dedicated ourselves in this industry with strong enthusiasm and professionalism. As our company focused on professional service and effective operation, we were recognized and have a good relationship with many major developers.

Contribution to the Community
As a conscience company, Sunsky Property believed that it is very important to contribute to the community. Therefore, we contribute 3% of our revenues (with revenues more than $100,000 HKD) to the charities. We hope that our small contributions can help anyone who is in need.

Sunsky Property
Village house is a unique niche market in Hong Kong. There are many opportunities in this market with high return. As an experienced estate agent authority, we were able to differentiate ourselves from many competitors, and established our own style in Sai Kung, Nam Pin Wai. With our talented agents, we were able to sell eight of the ten properties from one of the major developer's project, Kong Fu.

Sunsky Property had been established a good relationship with many property developers. With this advantage, we were able to negotiate with the developers effectively and efficiently. Also, we can ensure the highest quality and the best condition for the properties in order to satisfy our clients's need.

Company Values
Sunsky Property has a very strong credibility in Sai Kung, because we keep providing the highest quality and trustable service without any exception. Most of our agents are university graduates from overseas with some agents possessed of Master Degree in MBA. As a team, Sunsky Property will continuously offer the best quality and professional service to our clients.

Marketing Strategy
Sunsky Property is a very noticeable real estate company in Sai Kung by of our variety advertisement channel. For instance, we advertised ourselves on the internet, newspaper, 24 hours minibus advertisement, and many bus stops in Sai Kung. Our objective is to offer our services to everyone.

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